Tim’s dedication to dream-making!

Altodigital is one of the largest, independent suppliers of digital print and document solutions in the UK. They have been a supporter of Promise Dreams for over five years after our patrons Steve Bull and Don Goodman and Suresh Bawa, our trustee, invited Tim Hubbard, Group Business Development Director at the company, to our winter ball. Tim was instantly moved by the amazing work Promise Dreams do.

Since that event Tim has inspired other Alto team members to support us. Scores of Altodigital employees have raised money through cake sales and sporting events. James Abrahart, CEO, has attended many of our events, and in recent Christmases he has arranged for each and every child we have helped that year to receive a toy, sent directly to their homes. Stewart Abrahart, Trainee Business Manager, has recently taken part in a half marathon to raise money and Leah Astley, Business Development Executive, has become one of our most valued volunteers. Martin Chamberlain, MIS Director, even donated all the money he received for his 50th birthday!

Tim will be taking part in Walk For Dreams 2017 on Sunday 16th July. Though raising money for Promise Dreams is incredibly important to Tim, the walk is also a personal challenge. When he was younger, Tim injured his leg playing football, and though a surgeon promised he would make a full recovery, 12 operations later it was only getting worse. At the age of 28 he had to have a knee transplant, which vastly improved the movement in his leg and worked extremely well for 14 years. However, things went downhill when, during his second knee replacement, the doctors found an infection. It was an extremely dangerous situation – if the infection had spread any further, it could have entered his blood stream, which would have been fatal. This complication has had a lasting effect, he is unable to walk for long distances and at some point in the near future, Tim will have to have his leg amputated.

Tim said: ‘Although Walk for Dreams is ten miles – a huge challenge for me – I have been training hard, walking 3 miles each day at the weekend. I am going to try and walk as much of it unaided as I can, and then I am going to have to rely on crutches.
I am really proud to be raising more money for such an amazing charity. I’ve seen their work in action and seeing the difference they make to children’s lives really tugs on your heart strings. If anyone has any spare money, no matter how small, I would really appreciate it if you could donate to this remarkable charity.

People have been really kind to me throughout my illness and I have received so much support from family, friends, colleagues and hospital staff, so I really want to give back and show people how much I appreciate it.’

Nikki Rowley, our Dream Coordinator and Communications Officer, said: ‘Altodigital’s enthusiasm and support over the last 5 years has been incredible. Without their support, we simply would not be able to help as many children. Not only do they support us through donations, they also volunteer at our events and provide us with all our print services, at a highly discounted rate. This means they’re not just helping the children have a good Christmas, they’re helping maintain the organisation’s infrastructure and ensuring we can continue our work for years to come.’

If you would like to show your support by donating, please visit Tim’s justgiving page, or visit www.walkfordreams.co.uk/register to take part yourself.