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Ways to fundraise


Fundraising events can be great fun, but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new ideas. We would suggest getting together with colleagues, friends and family to brainstorm ideas for events. To take the pressure off one person, it is often useful to form a committee. If all you can think of is a raffle or a baked bean bath, have a look at these other suggestions for inspiration;

• A is for Alternative Marathon
No, not a real marathon! (unless you’re really keen). There are plenty of alternative marathons members of the family could try out, such as 26 hours of continuous computer-gaming, music playing, hopping – the list is endless.

• B is for Baby photo time!!
Embarrassment guaranteed when you collect everyone’s baby photos. Charge people 50p to guess their identities and the person who gets the most right gets 25% of the pot.

• C is for Cheese and wine tasting evening
Get your friends and workmates together for a mouth-watering evening. Try to have around 20 people, and charge them £5 or £10 each. For that, you can provide a fine selection of wines and cheeses with crackers, French sticks, fruit or celery – whatever you fancy

• D is for Doll yourself up!!
Balls and evening events are a great way to raise money – ask the organisers to make a donation to Promise Dreams, or ask them if you can sell raffle tickets or run your own cocktail stand to raise money

• E is for Ever fancied eating bugs??
Set up your very own bush tucker trial and get sponsored to try eating some creepy crawlies…don’t forget the water to wash them down!

• F is for Fashion Show
Why not recruit members of your football, rugby or netball team to take to the catwalk strutting their stuff – ask local clothing shops to get involved and the ticket money can help to make a dream reality.

• G is for Give it up
Sponsor members of the family to give up their worse habits for the week – to benefit Promise Dreams and the family! And each time they forget, they have to pay a fine.

• H is for Hat Day!!
Check with your teachers/bosses first but then organise a competition for the best hat and charge people to enter – this will be even better if it coincides with Ascot or a Royal wedding!!

• I is for Inside-out clothes day!!
This is a great one for schools and offices, though be sure to get permission first. Everyone dresses with all the clothes inside out for a day and make a donation to Promise Dreams for the privilege…make sure you take lots of photos!!

• J is for Just keep cycling…or rowing or running!!
Why not see if a team of your friends or colleagues can complete a marathon amount of miles by each taking it in turns to do a bit of the distance? This works best when the exercise bike/rower is in a public place so why not get your local gym on-board?

• K is for Keeping quiet!!
Ask your parents to sponsor you to be silent for a set length of time – they’ll love it!

• L is for Left-handed Day!!
Try life as a left-hander, or a right-hander if you are left-handed to start with! Charge people to take part or maybe event get sponsored to see if you can still complete all your daily jobs with your left hand!

• M is for Music for All!
Why not organise a concert? Or a world record breaking attempt for the most people playing musical instruments all together? Keep the music playing!

• N is for Neighbourhood BBQ
Ask your neighbours round for a barbecue. Ask them to bring a bottle and the meat of their choice. You provide the salads and bread. A small entry fee should cover costs, with some left over for Promise Dreams.

• O is for Odd jobs!
Offer your services for lawn mowing, window cleaning and anything else you can think of and by charging a small fee you’ll be helping lots of people all at once.

• P is for Pawed friends can help too!!
Why not organise a sponsored dog walk? This fun event can be arranged through your local dog training club, or with a group of enthusiastic doggy owners. Or why not get sponsorship for how many minutes your dog can sit still? Results have ranged from eight seconds to eight minutes. Could your pooch be the one to raise over £100 for Promise Dreams?

• Q is for Quick repairs
Good at mending and got some time on your hands? Offer your services for small donations to Promise Dreams.

• R is for Ready, steady, cook!
Make your favourite dishes or cakes to sell to friends. Jams, pâtés and preserves go down well, too.

• S is for Slave auction
Auction off friends as slaves for the day. You could also try auctioning a whole sports team to the highest bidder!

• T is for TV free evening
Get sponsored not to watch your favourite soap or football match on TV.

• U is for a Uniform Day!

This one needs the involvement of your teachers but reverse the roles and ask them to wear school uniform while everyone else sponsors them!

• V is for Variety Show
Why not get all your talented friends and colleagues together to put a show on and charge people to come & watch it

• W is for Wig Wearing Wednesday!
Pretty self-explanatory this one – pick a Wednesday, pick a wig, make a donation to Promise Dreams and away you go!

• X is for X-Factor
This doesn’t have to be a singing competition, maybe it could be for the best customer service skills or the person who makes the best cuppa? Charge people to vpte for their winner and then Promise Dreams wins as well.

• Y is for YoYo time!
Go all retro and have a yoyo competition that people pay to enter – see who can rock the baby and walk the dog!

• Z is for Zzzzzz
A sponsored sleep sounds like a dreamy way to raise money!!

 We hope this has given you some inspiration to raise funds for Promise Dreams, now all you have to do is pick what you are going to do.When you have decided, register your event with Promise Dreams and read our fundraising advice and guidelines.

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