Sending a dream that really came true!


Now that 2015 is well under way it is time to say a very special thank you to all those who have already made the year extra special for children with a dream. Many people made the difficult choice in December about how ‘best’ to send their festive message, season’s greetings and kind thoughts when buying Christmas cards. We asked people to consider whether purchasing endless packs of traditional cards was the only way they can send messages of love and best wishes to those we really care about. That’s how ‘Send A Dream’ came about.

Yet again, we were astounded by the number of schools, shops and businesses that asked us for our huge Christmas card that could be signed for a small donation to Promise Dreams – the charity that actively supports as children suffering from serious illnesses throughout the year.

Charity and Schools fundraising Co-ordinator Lisa Needham said, ‘A huge, heart-felt thank you to everyone who signed our cards. You have made children and families everywhere so very, very happy this year.’

Britons posted around 750 million Christmas cards to family and friends in 2014, according to Royal Mail; and with first class stamps costing 41p and second class 32p, plus the cost of the card in the first place, this is a lot of money that some may feel could be spent in a different, more charitable way. It is a hard choice, as we all love receiving messages of goodwill and we know that cards have a personal value and serve as a keepsake.  However, the ‘Send A Dream’ card campaign touched hundreds of people who thought about it deeply; and demonstrated that it is worth spending time [and a few pennies!] thinking of others possibly less fortunate than themselves in a very special, unique way.

As Lisa explained, ‘The ‘Send A Dream’ card is a simple sceme where we deliver a lovely large Christmas card to anyone who who can encourage others to sign, send a simple greeting and donate as much or as little as they can afford at that time.  Sending a message this way really does help send a dream to a child that needs one!’

Tettenhall Head Teacher Kate Jackson is passionate about the ‘Send A Dream’ campaign and her staff and children at St. Michael’s Primary School all got behind the scheme as she explained, ‘It is very popular with our children who can empathise with other children who are sick and unlikely to have such an active or energetic Christmas as they have. They really dig deep into their pocket money and give with genuine kindness. They make the campaign so special but we know others in the community do so as well. We are fortunate that local shops, big business organisations and of course, ordinary people in the community contribute and care so much about others.’


Well this Christmas campaign was truly exceptional with the ‘Send A Dream’ Christmas Card raising an incredible £1,740.54!

On behalf of everyone who will benefit from your generosity the Promise Dreams team send you our very best wishes for the coming year and our deepest thanks.

You can help our very special children to get their dream in 2016 by putting your festive message into one of our large Christmas cards instead of sending your own cards to colleagues when it comes to Christmas this year.  Schools, shops, local businesses and even family and friends can get involved and make it a very special Christmas for children who need a little help – just by writing a lovely message and donating some change to promise a dream come true.

If you can help us, we will bring a special Promise Dreams card for you to display and all we ask is that every time someone signs they make a donation to Promise Dreams.  If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved with then please give me a call on the number below.

Please contact us on: 01902 212451 or email:

Promise Dreams
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Edwin House
Boundary Industrial Estate
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Promise Dreams is a National charity dedicated to helping seriously ill and terminally ill children and their families by turning a very special wish into reality – whether the child would like a holiday, a toy, medical treatment or equipment, house alterations, or even the chance to meet their favourite celebrity!