Raise your glass to Promise Dreams!


Paula and TinaCheers

The sound of champagne corks popping and ladies laughing were louder than usual thanks to a charity-minded group of women who really raised their glasses for Promise Dreams this month!

The glamourous group gathered at the Halfpenny Green Vineyards in Staffordshire to find out how grapes are grown, harvested and fermented in order to produce the finest wine England can produce – as well as enjoy a lovely social afternoon in convivial company.

Tina VickersWine Tasting Begins!

Promise Dreams joined forces with award winning Halfpenny Green Vineyards to host an amazing tour and tutored wine tasting followed by afternoon tea overlooking the state of the art winery. And whilst having a great time, everyone who attended was really giving something great back to our community minded charity – Promise Dreams!

Halfpenny Green Vineyards produce over a dozen excellent English wines including whites, rosés, reds, sparkling and sweet wines; and for nearly a quarter of a century they have been consistently awarded top international recognition.

Owners Martin and Tina Vickers said, ‘We are delighted to welcome Promise Dreams and these wonderful ladies who clearly care so much about the children their charity support. We really are honoured to contribute because we too are passionate about helping the community.’


“It’s a reflection of the quality of the grapes grown here on our slopes that we are able to produce wine which wins national awards

It was the vision of farmer Martin Vickers 30 years ago to plant a vineyard that would one day match continental sites. Today, 30 acres of vines are managed by Martin and produce award-winning wines crafted by his son Clive. A family business, the acclaimed shop, restaurant, deli and tea room offer a great day out for visitors.

Martin explained, ‘We have developed our knowledge of winemaking over the years and I’m proud that as a boutique vineyard, our grapes are processed and bottled within fifty yards of where they are picked, ensuring we provide a quality wine. Perceptions of English wine have changed over the years with more and more people purchasing it, which is why I am delighted that we now bottle around 80,000 bottles here in Halfpenny Green and can entertain such honoured guests as those from Promise Dreams!’

Let the Party Begin!Perfect Wines!

Martin was astounded at the interest shown by the Promise Dreams party – as well as their creditable knowledge on fine wines and champagne concluding with, ‘Such a lovely group of people and a wonderful, wonderful charity! They have experienced some great wines and I hope to see them all return with family and friends.’

And that was certainly the view of wine tasters from Promise Dreams, who all agreed:

‘We have had a wonderful day out and learned so much about the wines we often take for granted. English wines are the way forward and we will certainly be purchasing them in the future. We certainly raised a glass or two – hopefully, we’ve raised some funds for Promise Dreams as well!’

So, next time you want that perfect Pinot Noir or a cheeky Chardonnay, visit your local vineyard near Kinver rather than shopping at your local supermarket – you can savour the superior quality for yourself!

Youngest Lady Present!The Guided Tour

The Spring Ladies Lunch is just one of the many charity fundraising events held by Promise Dreams each year. They are always modestly priced and guaranteed to be great fun – with proceeds going to support sick and terminally ill children through Promise Dreams!

For further details of our regular fundraising events please contact us on:

Telephone: 01902 212451 or email: info@promisedreams.co.uk

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And … Why not visit Halfpenny Green Vineyards and Winery for yourself soon?

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