Promise Dreams know the Aga Can!


Over many decades AGA has built a reputation for iconic design, uncompromising quality and award-winning innovation. But what makes them all really proud is the way AGA products are cherished as part of ‘family life’ the world over.  In a way, that’s what Aga stands for – family life. Perhaps that’s why they are a very special part of the Promise Dreams family.

Over the last few weeks we have been spreading the message far and wide that we are lucky to have so many friends who support our charity and raise both funds and the awareness that we must cherish and help children and families that are going through difficult times. Aga are up there with the best!

The Promise Dreams team were invited over to the Aga Shropshire home this week to watch their fabulous range of ovens being manufactured and meet many of the 250 loyal workforce that help make the name Aga known worldwide. We were intrigued to see how the best ovens in the world are made but also curious to find out why these great people take such an interest in Promise Dreams.

As Process Manager Dave Thorp explained, ‘Being able to help children who need it is a precious gift.  Linking up with Promise Dreams was something I really wanted Aga to embrace and our dedicated staff have been magnificent in their support ever since. It is the perfect ‘fit.’ Promise Dreams are a local charity and share the same ideals as us – we believe in family life and healthy, happy children are central to family life.  Linking with Promise Dreams is a no-brainer and every penny we can provide will ensure a child somewhere has a better chance in life.’


The Aga workforce also had a very special surprise for Wolves superstar Steve Bull and the team as soon as we arrived … with Dave, Co-Process Manager Dale Jones and Production Secretary Lisa O’Neil presenting Bully and Promise Dream Co-ordinator Amy Johnson with a cheque for … £17,860!  Dale explained, ‘Raising this contribution to help deliver someone a ‘promised dream’ is just the start. We have made a commitment to continue with our support to Promise Dreams and children who need help. We will raise even more in the future – that’s our promise to you!’

Meeting the legend that is Steve Bull was clearly a big thrill for both Dale and Lisa as Bully busily signed autographs whilst they shared just how Aga had raised this massive donation, ‘Our staff are a great bunch. They really care about other people in the community and have been involved with Promise Dreams for ages. They are signing up to take part in ‘Walk for Dreams’ on Sunday 21st September but whilst awaiting the big day they have been purchasing certain Aga products – with all the money going direct to the charity they care so much about – Promise Dreams.’

What stunned Dream Co-ordinator Amy the most was that this magnificent sum was raised in just six months.  ‘This is incredible!  Everyone dreams of owning an Aga and to have them help staff own one and support Promise Dreams at the same time will mean many happy dreams for children and families across the country.’


‘Children everywhere need help.  It is our pleasure to help them.’ Gavin Harris, Aga Assembler

The banter on the shop floor was brilliant as fans of Wolves and the Baggies called a truce to acknowledge Bully’s contribution to the beautiful game, grab a photo with the legend and agree on one thing at least – children and families will be worthy winners as both Aga and Promise Dreams support them.

Final word went to Aga Marketing Manager Nigel Morrison who is a father himself and who said, ‘Anyone with a heart cannot fail to want support Promise Dreams in their quest to help children. We all have a duty to give children the very best start in life that we can. Everyone has a dream. Ours is to help Promise Dreams.’


‘Promise Dreams is really great and every penny is well spent.’ Matt Poole, Aga Kiln Fuser

Aga is a great company.  As their website and beautiful brochures will justifiably state, ‘Aga is British manufacturing as it should be.’  They are of course, exactly right.  But Aga are also about ‘something else’ … Caring for others in the community – exactly as it should be!

Thank you to everyone at Aga – you are simply the best!

About Aga …


The story of the AGA cooker is one of award-winning innovation and a proud heritage stretching back to 1922.

Gustav Dalén was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in developing automated lighthouses, a development which saved countless lives. But it was in 1922 that blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr Gustaf Dalén invented the world’s first heat-storage cooker.

Confined to his home after a failed experiment cost him his sight, Dalén was inspired to create a better, more efficient cooker for his wife, Elma, who constantly had to tend to their old-fashioned range.

Dalén created a cast-iron cooker capable of every kind of cooking simultaneously, through its two large hotplates and two ovens. The now famous AGA was born and by 1929 manufacturing was under way at the AGA Heat Ltd factory in Smethwick.

The AGA cooker, is part of the AGA Rangemaster group, and is made in Britain at the company’s Shropshire foundry in Coalbrookdale, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Today’s AGA is made in exactly the same way as it always has been. Quite simply, molten iron is poured into moulds. It’s this technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface – each one is unique – and sets the AGA apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.

While most cookers are spray painted in minutes, the AGA cooker’s multiple protective coats of gleaming vitreous enamel take three days to apply. It’s this enameling that helps ensure the working life of an AGA cooker is measured not in years but in decades.

Of course, the modern AGA also contains state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality controls and adherence to the latest environmental standards.

Each part of an AGA cooker – and there are many – is meticulously inspected and colour checked before engineers carry out the final build in the new owner’s home.

It is not unusual for three generations of a family to work side-by-side at the AGA foundry and the passion staff feel for the cooker is second to none.

This is British manufacturing as it should be.