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How to apply for a dream

If your child, or someone you know, meets the qualifying criteria of our charity (please refer to the accompanying criteria notes to make sure they do) then please see below for the Application Process.

To apply for a dream we require the parent or legal guardian of the child to complete and sign an application form.

Download the Dream Application Form 21.05.18

We ask for as much detail as possible to be given including any other dreams that have been given by other charities and applications for funding from any other sources. We are a very small charity and as a result we have funding limits in place for some dreams. Often we are able to offer a donation towards a dream but not fully fund it. When applying, we also ask all families to consider where they will raise funds from should the Trustee Committee decide to offer a donation towards their child’s dream. In cases where the child’s dream is unable to be fully funded by Promise Dreams we endeavour to support you in your efforts to find funding towards the balance of the dream.

When completing the application form please consider that one specific dream item or experience must be requested – we cannot accept application for a list of items or alternative suggestions.

In addition to the signed, completed application form, we also require two letters of support. The first must be from the child’s GP or consultant and the second can be from anyone else in a supporting role who holds a title of authority, for example the child’s Social Worker, Community Nurse, School Teacher or Physiotherapist. Each letter must be on their official letter-headed paper and must outline the following: –

  • Confirmation of the illness/medical condition of the child.
  • Confirming what the dream is and why they support that particular dream
  • Confirmation that the dream would not be hazardous to the child (e.g. that the child is able to fly for a dream involving overseas travel)

We also ask for a quote specific to the dream that you are applying for. In most cases we also require 3 quotes. In the case of house alterations or holidays this is usually easy to acquire but we appreciate that in the case of, for example, specially adapted wheelchairs or specific medical equipment this can be quite difficult. Therefore, in cases such as this a description of the item/s and details of supplier (perhaps a page from a catalogue) is acceptable. Please contact the offices for details of possible suppliers if you are unsure of where to look.

For a dream holiday application we need to know the names and ages of all passengers travelling, preferred dates for travel and any special requirements (such as roll-in showers or hoist provision) in order that we can understand the potential cost of the dream holiday. In the case of dream holidays it is likely that, should the Trustee Committee offer to help make a child’s dream come true, an offer of a donation towards the total cost only would be made and the family would need to raise the remaining funds from other sources.

Once we receive all of the information we require, each application is put before the Trustee Committee at the next available monthly meeting. As a general rule these happen at the end of every calendar month but you will be kept informed of all relevant timelines when you have submitted your application. Please note that if your application needs to be fast-tracked for medical reasons you MUST make this clear at the time of application.

The Trustee Committee use their criteria to select applications that they are able to help and agree the funding available for each dream. The families are then contacted and steps are made to fulfil the dream. In the circumstance that your application is not agreed then you may appeal to the Trustee Committee for further consideration. However, please note that their decision is final and no discussion can be entered in to regarding individual cases.

Due to continuing increases in applications received, and the constraints of limited funding, Promise Dreams operates a “once only in a lifetime” policy for dream applications – ensuring we are able to make a difference to as many families as possible. However if your child has had a dream with another dream-granting organisation they can still apply to Promise Dreams.

If you have any questions or require any further advice about applying, please call the Promise Dreams office on 01902 212451 or email

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