Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Dream Takeaway!


Popular TV comedy duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly – better known collectively as Ant and Dec took time out to make dreams come true for two very lucky boys this month.

Blake and Aston Ainsley from Felixstowe both suffer from the debilitating hereditary illness multiple exostoses – painful bone growths which require regular surgery.  Both boys are wheelchair bound and now find their one year old brother Max also has the complaint.  They are such a brave band of brothers and mother Lucy and dad David wrote to Promise Dreams to share their children’s dream day out: ‘The lads hero worship Ant and Dec and can’t wait each week for the Saturday evening ‘Takeaway’ show on ITV.  They really love playing ‘Win The Ads’ and watching the star celebrities along with millions of people up and down the country.’

The programme features a number of large-scale stunts and comedy sketches, in addition to pranks and practical jokes that are performed on the studio audience, home viewers and, occasionally, celebrities.  Well Promise Dreams answered the call and whisked the two boys, mum Lucy and special carer Emma up to London for the weekend to see the dress rehearsal of the show as special guests of Ant and Dec.  Younger brother Max was too young to attend but received a Promise Dreams goody bag along with his elder siblings.

Promise Dreams Co-ordinator Nikki Rowley said, ‘This is such a lovely family and the boys have such courage, big smiles and friendly, vivacious personalities.  They were a joy to be with!’  Nikki also enjoyed meeting the famous TV personalities as she soon found out, ‘Being with Ant and Dec was exactly like jumping into your TV and joining in the fun.  They were great fun and made us all feel so special.    They took time to meet the boys and pose for photographs and sign their Promise Dream T-Shirts – even though they were busy preparing for the live show just 30 minutes later.’

Ant & Dec 2Dec signing t-shirt

Blake and Aston sat glued to the show and giggled through the gags whilst star spotting other celebrities such as super groups Spandau Ballet, McBusted and television presenter, columnist and novelist Richard Madeley.  They boys hugged their Promise Dreams teddy bear and held on tight to their treasured autograph books containing the precious signatures gained after the dress rehearsal.  In fact, they loved Ant and Dec so much Blake asked. ‘This is brilliant!  Can we come back again tomorrow?’

The day was a dream come true topped off with a visit to ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ in the West End as a treat from mum and dad; and a luxury night in a London hotel – courtesy of all the kind people who help raise money for Promise Dreams.

The moment the weekend was over we were thrilled to receive excited reaction to the dream from mum Lucy … ‘Wow! You got heaps of pictures of our fabulous weekend!  So pleased. Thank you for sending the lovely photos of the boys with Ant and Dec and also a massive thank you for arranging the whole wonderful day.  It really was a once in a life time happy memory and the boys are still buzzing.  They are both asking to go back!’

We know the boys have a difficult month ahead as all three of then head off to Edinburgh from their Suffolk home for yet more operations.  We wish them and their family our very best wishes and good fortune for the coming months.  We know the ‘Takeaway’ day will live long in their memories – especially Dec’s last words to the young boys as they prepared for the ‘end of the show, show’ dressed in ladies clothes, ‘Sshh!’ said Dec.  ‘This is our little secret boys.  Don’t tell anyone you saw me in a dress!’ 

Sorry Dec, but your secret is out!


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