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We accept applications from any child aged from 0-18 who is a UK citizen and has not had a dream with Promise Dreams before. To qualify for a dream one of the following medical criteria must apply to the child:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of a terminal condition
  • Confirmed diagnosis of a degenerative life limiting condition such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Confirmed diagnosis of a serious life limiting condition such as Cystic Fibrosis or Cerebral Palsy
  • Confirmed diagnosis of a combination of conditions that create a life limited situation such as Downs Syndrome with additional complications of a heart condition or similar
  • Confirmed diagnosis of a condition requiring around the clock care such as Autism so severe that there is no verbal communication & whilst life expectancy  may not be directly affected independent living is unlikely to ever be a possibility

Other Criteria

  • The child must be aged between 0 & 18 – if the child is 18 at the time of application then the dream must be approved and delivered before their 19th birthday takes place
  • The child MUST be receiving treatment at the time of application. This is especially relevant in cases of leukaemia & other cancers where the dream can be completed when treatment has finished (hence funding being agreed for 18 months) but the application must be made whilst treatment is still being received.
  • We operate a once-in-a-lifetime policy. This means that we can only deliver a dream to a child if they have not had a dream with Promise Dreams before. However we can accept applications from children who have had a dream with another dream-granting charity such as Make A Wish or Rays of Sunshine.

 For more information or to find out whether your child could qualify for a dream with us, please call 01902 212451 or email

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