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How your money can help

Below are examples of how we could use funds that you raise to help towards making a dream reality for some of our children;

 £10 – £200

Children have all sorts of dreams and small donations can buy a child a pet hamster, enable them to enjoy a daytrip to the zoo with their family or allow them to meet their favourite character from their favourite show – whether it’s Barney, Fifi or even Postman Pat.  The smile on their face will say it all!


£500 can help a family to buy a specialist car seat that will enable a poorly child to travel without pain.


£800 could be used to buy a laptop with games and software to entertain a bed bound or hospital admitted youngster, enabling them to continue with schoolwork and stay in contact with their friends.


£975 would install a stair lift to prevent accidents and injuries caused as a disabled child is carried upstairs, or maybe to help buy a specialist shower that even an extremely disabled child or teenager can activate alone, enabling them to shower by themselves.  It’s sometimes the smallest things which we take for granted.


£1000 is the kind of donation that would help to transform a child’s bedroom from a cold, clinical and scary room full of medical equipment into a bright and colourful room that looks much more like a child’s bedroom.  It could also buy sensory toys for a child who cannot understand ordinary toys, or buy a television or games console for a child who cannot get out of bed.


£1200 would help towards an adapted tricycle that will enable a disabled child to be safe and supported while they play outside, help strengthen their muscles and spend time out of their wheelchair.  It could also enable a family to experience the wonder of Disneyland Paris, to enjoy the parades and rides, and have the chance to meet the characters, creating amazing memories.


£1500 would help a family to buy a specially adapted buggy to enable them to take their disabled child to the beach or to the park. It could also be used towards a hoist, helping families to look after their disabled children at home.


£2000 is the kind of donation that could help to enable a family to have the trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Florida, creating fabulous memories for everyone.  Or it can mean that a child waiting for specialist treatment in another country or wanting to have extended therapy here in the UK will be able to go ahead and book their appointment. Experiences like this can have a huge impact on a child’s quality of life and consequently the whole family.


Extremely generous donations of £5000 or more can make a massive difference to a family who needs to build a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for their disabled child.  It could also go towards adapting a vehicle, meaning a disabled child can travel safely and comfortably, or might even buy enough wall and floor padding to cover a room and help children with seizure based conditions to play in complete safety, cushioned and protected from hurting themselves.

But whatever the amount of your donation, we can guarantee that somehow it will bring a smile to the face of a child who really needs a little joy in their life.

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