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Sabeel’s Dream

This is Sabeel, she was six years old when her family applied to Promise Dreams and she is living with a condition called Pompes Disease. This condition causes neuromuscular scoliosis and renders her muscles unable to support her breathing function. Put very simply without a ventilator through the night, medication & support throughout the day and the many operations she has already endured Sabeel would not be able to get as much oxygen as she needs to live.

Sabeel needs a huge amount of help with every aspect of her daily life and she has a number of carers, including her family.

Her family’s dream was to take her to Pakistan to meet all her relatives who live there. This once in a lifetime trip not only provided Sabeel with a chance to meet new people and experience new sounds & smells but also provided the loving support of an extended family that means so much to her parents.

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