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Patrick’s Dream

Patrick was 5 years old when his family applied to Promise Dreams.  He was born with a condition called Pallister-Killian Syndrome, this is a chromosome abnormality that causes daily epileptic seizures and global developmental delay.  Patrick is unable to walk or talk and he is also visually and hearing impaired.  Patrick’s fits happen during the night, whilst he is asleep.

 Despite his condition, Patrick is a very cuddly boy.  He loves splashing in the swimming pool, being outdoors and simply adores his sister.  He is a contented little boy, happy simply sitting on someone’s lap in the sunshine.  His favourite “cuddly” is his hot water bottle, even in warm weather.

Patrick and his family applied to Promise Dreams to fund a baby monitor with a camera and screen.  This  enables his parents to react more quickly during the night as soon as his fits start.  If Patrick can be woken up and comforted as soon as possible it reduces the severity of his upset and helps provide reassurance to him that he is not alone.


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