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Lee’s Dream

Little Lee was born with severe epilepsy and he needs regular medical help and 24 hour constant support to make sure every moment is one of joy and happiness. Complicated ‘Vagus nerve stimulation’ medical implants control the seizures in his brain and he needs extreme medication to help him through the day. Lee doesn’t speak. He can’t move around like other 3 year olds.

But he can have fun.

His dream was to have a special playroom where he can be at peace with his toys, playthings and lots and lots of sensory experiences. Support from Promise Dreams helped provide a myriad of light tubes, mirror balls, projector, soft mats and wall to wall murals that made that special room become a dream world.

Mom Michelle said, ‘Lee uses the room almost every day as he experiences life through colour and light. His arm goes one way and his legs another. You can tell by the smile in his eyes that he is really happy!’

The transformation was amazing as Nikki Rowley from Promise Dreams visited the family to see Lee enjoy his dream. ‘It really is so heart-warming!’ said Nikki. ‘His body relaxes and his eyes are transfixed to the brilliant bubble tubes and you can see he is in his own wonderful world.’

Lee’s Mom was just as happy as she explained, ‘People have been so kind to Lee. We can never thank them enough. We don’t even know who they are. People raise money for needy causes without ever getting to see how the dream unfolds. We love what Promise Dreams stands for and we all want to keep putting something back so that other families can have the same joy little Lee and Promise Dreams have bought to us.’

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