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Ammaar’s Dream

Ammaar was 7 years old when his family applied to Promise Dreams.  He was born with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. This means that he is wheelchair bound and completely dependent on his parents for all of his everyday needs. Ammaar has no verbal communication as he vocalizes but is unable to form words, so he communicates through his body language. Sadly this limits his interactions not only with adults but also his peers at school and furthermore his access to the school’s curriculum is greatly hampered.

Ammaar is a bright, clever little boy who has the will to communicate, but sadly not the means to be able to. Following various assessments it was proven that eye pointing techniques provided a form of communication for Ammaar. Consequently his dream was to have an ‘Eco 2 Ego with point eye gaze’ so that he could not only communicate with his friends and family but also follow the school’s curriculum and become socially interactive for the first time in his life.

Thanks to the charity’s amazing supporters Ammaar and his family are now enjoying the huge difference this piece of specialised equipment makes to each & every day of all their lives.

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